Privacy Policy

1.the scope of application

 1)      When users register VICTCOIN account or payment account, the user provides personal registration information according to VICTCOIN requirements, including but not limited to identity card information;

 2)      When users use VICTCOIN service, or access VICTCOIN web page, VICTCOIN automatically receive and record  the server information on the user's browser, including but not limited to IP address and other data which users request to access the web page record;

3)      The data collected by VICTCOIN for crowd funding by VICTCOIN users includes, but is not limited to, crowd funding, crowd funding, and other records;

4)      Other user's personal information obtained by VICTCOIN through legal channels.

2.information use

VICTCOIN will not sell or lend the user's personal information to anyone unless it is approved by the user in advance. VICTCOIN does not allow any third party to use any means to collect, edit, sell or spread the user's personal information.

3.information protection 

VICTCOIN keeps the user's identity data and transaction information obtained confidential, and does not provide user identity data and transaction information to any entity or individual, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

4.Information disclosure

Under the following circumstances, VICTCOIN will disclose your personal information in whole or in part based on your personal wishes or the provisions of the law:

1)      Disclosure to a third party with your prior consent;

2)      If you are a qualified intellectual property right complainant and have filed a complaint, you should be required by the complainant to disclose it to the respondent so that the parties can handle possible rights disputes;

3)      Disclosure to a third party or an administrative or judicial body in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of an administrative or judicial body;

4)  If you have violated China's relevant laws, regulations or VICTCOIN service agreements or related rules, you need to disclose to third parties;

5)  To share your personal information with third parties in order to provide the products and services you require;

6)  In a transaction created on the VICTCOIN platform, if any party to the transaction fulfills or partially fulfills its transaction obligations and makes a request for information disclosure, VICTCOIN has the right to decide to provide the user with the necessary information such as the contact details of his counterparty. Facilitate the completion of a transaction or the resolution of a dispute;

7)  Other VICTCOIN deems appropriate disclosure in accordance with laws, regulations or website policies.